Value and relationship-driven;
Each unique and demanding challenge gives us the opportunity to listen to and learn from our business partnerships and deliver exceptional value.
By offering a suite of customized solutions, extended payment terms, and order scheduling, we reduce TCP.

  • As a collective, we believe in doing what is right. Treating colleagues, customers, and partners with respect – and inspiring trust by aligning our words, behaviors, and actions to achieve a standard of organizational and individual excellence.
  • Our team holds initiative, creativity, and personal responsibility in the highest regard. We leverage our resources to solve our partners’ unique and demanding challenges.
  • We thrive by listening to, and learning from, our business partners and rely on meaningful collaboration to achieve success internally and externally. Each challenge is an opportunity to deliver exceptional value and an exceptional customer experience.
  • Together, we value determination, innovation, and relentless dedication to our team and our mission. We foster a family spirit of connectedness which fuels us to be our best.

Our Code of Business Conduct — emphasizing honesty and integrity in everything we do


We provide superior supply chain security. Our global sourcing experts are guided by a comprehensive supplier selection process, combined with industry-leading counterfeit avoidance protocols to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products and services.


We are preferred for supply chain partnership in all major market verticals, a testament to our versatility and enterprising nature. Our global reach allows us to meet our customers exactly when and where they need us.


By offering a suite of customized solutions, extended payment terms, and order scheduling, we reduce TCP. We respond to our partners’ challenges by leveraging our exceptional people, processes, and protocols to match each customer’s specific business need.


Our values guide everything we do. Trust from our customers in our ability to secure their supply chains is important, and this trust forges partnerships that other currencies cannot buy.

Customer satisfaction comes from forming a partnership with a team. We value dedication, innovation, and relentless determination to find secure, aligned, and flexible component management solutions.

Distinctive Culture

We value being culturally aware while interacting with team members around the globe.

Each employee can make a difference in the overall strategy and vision. We don’t limit risk-taking and creativity to sales.

Performance Recognition

Our purpose is our reason for being—our North Star, which is to deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes both internally and externally.

Team members are empowered with insight into exactly how they tie into the organization's success. We highlight, recognize, and reward performance that meets our values.

1. How about the payment term?

Net Or TT.

2. How about the warranty?

180 days( keep quality from shipping out the parts ).

3. Can you provide the Traceability/COC ?

We are unable to provide traceability or COC such kinds of certifications.

4. Why the Label will be Erased ?

The supplier need protect the channel purchasing parts .

5. Which Brand you mainly offer ?

Our strong lines: STM, Intel, Xilinx, Maxim, Microchip, NXP, TI, AD, Vishay, Linear Technologies, Renesas.

6. How does HKICC ensure my supply chain security?

HKICC quality assurance begins with supplier selection and our vendor rating process. This real-time, automated process ensures that all suppliers are tracked on the following key value drivers: product conformance, order accuracy, on-time delivery, and transactional volume. Each of our suppliers and their performance metrics is tracked and evaluated before and after each transaction and are automatically updated in Velocity’s global ERP system.

7. How does HKICC rate its vendors?

HKICC utilizes an automatic data-driven supplier rating system based on actual receipt and inspection results to ensure that we purchase from suppliers capable of delivering consistent high quality. Each rating has three primary components: quality conformance, timeliness, and volume. This includes non-objective aspects such as posting actual stock, terms, and warranty.

8. How does HKICC global strategy impact our business partners' supply chain?

Our team is 100% committed to continuous improvement. To achieve this level of commitment, we hire talent — but we don’t stop there. An enriching environment built on fairness, loyalty, and respect create a strong foundation for our business. In carrying out our mission to provide our customers with immediate, reliable, high-value component management solutions and unparalleled customer service, we believe that the best solutions come from collaborative relationships.

9. What makes HKICC different?

We are building a transformative global culture and value cultural transformation. A truly global culture starts at the top. The values of our leaders cascade to our employees. Each employee can make a difference in the overall strategy and vision. We don’t limit risk-taking and creativity to sales roles. The innovations our employees make — whether they are quality inspectors, buyers, or accounting specialists — tie into the overall success of our business.