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Film Capacitor

Resin or box package, small size, light weight, non-polarity, AC or DC, with high voltage, low ESR, good frequency characteristics, high insulation resistance, low loss, high reliability, etc., suitable for surface mount of electronic equipment Installed in DC or pulsating circuits for filtering, energy storage, bypass and coupling, decoupling, timing, etc.

Planar Transformer

Surface-mounted structure, small volume, light weight, good heat dissipation, uniform size, high reliability, whole variety, high power density, greatly reduced installation height, and meeting custom design requirements, etc., widely used in aerospace, communication, rail transit, inverters, UPS, digital home appliances, LED lighting and other fields.

Non-Solid Electrolyte Tantalum Capacitors

Silver shell, tantalum shell or alloy shell packaging, cylindrical or rectangular, hermetic or semi-hermetic, polar capacitors, with small size, large capacity, high voltage, low leakage current, good storage stability, high reliability and long lifetime, mainly used for filtering, energy storage, bypass and coupling in various electronic circuits.